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Welcome to CAMS. This web site is the online portal to the Center for Anatomical and Movement Sciences.

CAMS is a multi use facility that emphasizes undergraduate cadaver dissection for biomedical engineers and pre-clinical students. The anatomy lab is a fully equipped facility that parallels medical school and other professional clinical programs' facilities, giving students a unique look into advanced professional program requirements. The lab also conducts professional training programs for continuing medical education requirements. The CAMS  facility includes a linked physiology lab for use in undergraduate and graduate research.

About Us

What We Do

The Center for Anatomical and Movement Sciences (CAMS) is an interdepartmental initiative that originated from the remodeling and expansion of the former Human Anatomy Lab housed in the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences. Its main goal is to provide anatomical resources to departments across the uptown campus. CAMS main lab offers a unique human dissection experience to undergraduate and graduate students from the nine departments associated with the School of Science and Engineering (SSE). Additional labs provide hands-on experience with accelerometry, electromyography, metabolic assessment, and spirometry and other movement related physiology.

Who's Involved

CAMS is one of eight specialized centers associated with the School of Science and Engineering. CAMS is an independent SSE facility that allows faculty from associated departments to teach anatomy and physiology within their discipline utilizing an aggregate and centralized resource geared toward interdepartmental relationships.

Michael Dancisak, PhD
Senior Professor and Center Director / Department of Biomedical Engineering

Katharine Parrish, MD, PhD
Professor of Practice, Center for Anatomical and Movement Sciences / Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Thomas Hebert , PhD
Professor of Practice, Neuroscience

Michal Jazwinski, PhD

Professor, and Director of the Tulane Center for Aging, School of Medicine

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