Tulane Center for Anatomical & Movement Sciences

Student Testimonials

“I encourage any Paralegal Studies major to enroll in your class.”

– Graduate from Paralegal Studies
Currently working in the area of personal injury and medical malpractice.

“My participation in two semesters of Anatomy and Physiology coursework (with labs) has been by far the most interesting and enjoyable of my academic experiences in my four years here at Tulane.”

– Graduate from Cell and Molecular Biology
Currently enrolled in a College of Optometry.

'While many courses prepare students for the rigors of professional health schools by simply exposing students to intense workloads and testing them on excruciatingly specific details, the anatomy and physiology classes here at Tulane actually give students a chance for hands-on experience that allows for a   more practical, clinical application of their pre-medical knowledge. "

- M.S.Graduate, Cell and Molecular Biology

It's impressive how far the program has come. I was very lucky to have worked in the lab last year, being able to remove a few brains and analyzing them. Being a neuroscience major, it was very meaningful to see the brain in reality. I actually tutored a friend of mine in dental school in gross anatomy; he could not understand the origins and insertions of muscles and nerves in the body and I knew exactly how to help him with that...

- Graduate Neuroscience Program

Curretnly enrolled in Dental School

"Well I'm [in medical school] now and as I'm studying for my first gross anatomy exam, I am greatly appreciating the Anatomy and Physiology class I took as an undergrad. Origins and insertions are a little easier to learn the second time around."

- Graduate B.S., Biomedical Engineering

Currently enrolled in medical school


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